About Us

About Us

Sapient Services Pvt. Ltd. is a team of Govt. Registered Valuers, Chartered Engineers, and TEV Consultants incorporating high standards of professional proficiency. It is the successor company to M/s Malhotra Associates, commenced business in April 1988. Initially the company was in the business of survey & loss assessment, valuation of plant & machinery/ Chartered Engineer certification, and subsequently third party & risk inspection was added.

Sapient Services Pvt. Ltd. is an independent network of Chartered Engineers/Valuersdiversified into valuation of various sectors with its recognition nationally and internationally. We have carried out the valuation of land & Building, plant machinery of many renowned organization and niche companies, both listed on the Indian stock exchanges working globally across various Asian and European countries like USA, Germany, Netherlands, and Malaysia and more on the list. We believe in building an everlasting relationship by catering & meeting the requisites as per the client.  Some of our valuation reports have been listed on Stock Exchanges worldwide. We strive to create lasting value for all our clients through extraordinary efforts and delivering excellent services.Our Team consists of Chartered Engineers / Valuers, Insurance Surveyors, Risk Inspectors, Risk Auditors & Energy Auditors.

We have done valuation for many public sector undertakings (PSU) including valuation of unclaimed baggage / package being imported by various individuals / companies that remain with the custom authorities. This Valuation helps them in arriving at the minimum floor price before auction.

We ensure complete confidentiality to all clients and abide by a code of Professional practice, Client Data Privacy, Ethics and Rules of Conduct. Certifications and valuations undertaken by us are regularly accepted by India’s major financial institutions / audit firms like Ernst & Young, KPMG, PWC and Deloitte etc.