Chartered Engineering Services

Lender’s Independent Engineers

Lender’s Independent Engineers are appointed mainly to safeguard the interests of the Banker’s / Investors by mitigating the risks after the project funding starts. Lender’s Independent Engineers in any project ensure the correctness of the project execution by regularly monitoring & reporting the project status to the Banker’s / client and checking proper utilization of funds.

Sapient has acted as a Lender’s Independent Engineers for various Banks / FI’s in various projects by verifying the physical status at the site and by monitoring proper utilization of funds in the project.

Fixed Assets Componentization

Componentized accounts of fixed assets for a production plant allows achievement of significant savings when preparing valuations of assets for other purposes. Indian AS requires a component approach when accounting for property, plant and equipment (PP&E). Sapient has the flexibility to offer a multitude of financial reporting services. In an era of regulatory change and dynamic business models, Sapient is equipped to handle complex business issues down to the smallest detail.

Chartered Engineer’s Certifications

Independent Chartered Engineering Certifications are required by Corporates for various compliances and we at Sapient, have an in-house team of experienced Chartered Engineers who strive for providing the right advice to our clients enabling them to be compliant at all times. Some of the compliances for which Chartered Engineering Certificates are needed are as below:-

  • EPCG Licence
  • Import of Second Hand Machinery / Plant to India
  • Import into Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
  • Issuance of Installation Certificates
  • Export of defective parts / equipment’s not repairable in India
  • Advance License
  • Certifying Bill of Materials for Solar Power Developers
  • Certifying whether imported equipment falls under e – waste
  • Computation of Installed Capacity of Plant
  • Certification of investment in Plant & Machinery required by Export Oriented Units

Sapient is assisting many Corporates / Export Houses / Custom Handling Agent’s in various compliances as mentioned above

Stock Audit

Stock audit is part of the audit requirement wherein Companies have to get the audit done of the stock available at the time of half year / year end and the observations of the same has to be recorded in their books of accounts.

We at Sapient, have extensive experience in doing the audit of Stock / Inventory for Corporates.