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Techno Economic Viability Study

Techno Economic Viability Study reports provides appraisal of technological parameters of a project and the impact on its financial viability. TEV study is a risk mitigation task undertaken in respect of any industrial activity prior to decision taken by bank or investors for lending / investing in such project.

Sapient Services Pvt. Ltd possesses experienced professionals having the requisite expertise and skills for assessing the worth of a broad range of industry.

Due Diligence

Compliance Consulting

Sapient has a group of professionals

Mergers & Acquisition Advisory

Reports of M&A deals and transactions that failed to deliver the expected results are all too common. When choosing the right transaction professionals to guide, industry knowledge and experience are of prime importance. Experienced transaction advisory professionals thoroughly analyze and validate financial, operational and strategic assumptions to reveal opportunities and bring potential dangers to light. Sapient help structure the deal to ensure the successful integration of business operations, cultures and strategies, and maximize the value of investment by also focusing on ways to achieve tax efficiencies.

Corporate Debt Restructuring

Strategic Debt Restructuring