Insurance Advisory Services

Valuation for Reinstatement Value

Valuation for Reinstatement Value or to “Fix the Correct Sum Insured” thereby making the insurance coverage most cost effective. As we all know that most important part of the contract of insurance or the insurance policy, is the fixation ofSum Insured. If the sum insured is not correctly fixed then either an average clause is applicable by which the claim amount gets reduced proportionately resulting in avoidable loss of money or if the sum insured is on the higher side then premium out flow loss is more with no extra coverage. Therefore, the sum insured should be fixed with complete knowledge.

Sapient is competent enough in providing such services and is providing the same to our major clients on year to year basis.

Claims Management

Pre Dispatch Inspection

Sapient provide the services of the highest quality to meet the inspection requirement of modern industries. All the inspection activities are carried out to meet client’s requirement in accordance with the company satisfaction of National / International Standards by knowledgeable staff. The inspection is carried out strictly as per the provisions of the terms of contracts between the supplier and the purchaser or otherwise specified relevant standards.

The type of jobs attended and carried out under his guidance and supervision are:

  • Third party Inspection of engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Electronic) items and machinery.
  • Non- engineering items of various natures.
  • Evaluation of suppliers
  • Expediting Jobs