Chartered Engineer

The Republic of India as per their guideline issued from time to time has mandated that in case of import-export for machinery and other related goods be certified by a Chartered Engineer, the engineer certified by the institution of engineers (India). The key person at sapient are Chartered Engineers registered with the same premier institute of India that is institution of Chartered Engineers. The team includes the certified Chartered Engineers in mechanical, structural, civil, chemical, electrical etc.

Chartered Engineer Certificate

Sapient Services Chartered Engineer’s / Appraisers team helps the industry in import/export of plant and machinery either new or second hand as required by DGFT / Customs etc to arrive at the correct valuation of such plant and machinery and the residual life of plant and machinery in question & issue Chartered Engineer certificate certifying the details/findings.

Sapient Chartered Engineers also help the exporters / importers and issue certificate for the fixation of consumption norms of raw materials in the produce of exported consignment against import of raw materials.

Sapient Services Pvt. Ltd. also carries out detailed study of existing plant & machinery of units to find out the peak production capacities and suggest modifications for enhancing the capacity / productivity and overall efficiency of the industry by pin pointing the bottlenecks in production processes related to the technology or process being followed along with the suggested change in the layout of machinery. The Chartered Engineer certificate is issued with suggestion after completing the total Techno Economic Viability study (TEV) of the particular unit.

Sapient Services chartered engineer / valuers also carry out the detail assessment / valuation of assets as required by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) accounting standards and also as per accounting standards of institute of chartered accountants of India (ICAI).

Impairment of Assets

Sapient Services also carry out the study of impairment of assets as per accounting standard 28 (AS-28) where the carrying cost of the assets is more than the net realizable / recoverable value. The study of impairment of assets carried out looking in to the following factors.

  • Decline in market value
  • Change in technological / economic / legal environment
  • Drop in net asset value more than its market capitalization
  • Change in technology (Evidence of obsolescence) and physical damage of the asset
  • Change in product mix / productions processes and restricting plans
  • Availability of high performance technology

Energy Audit

At sapient we also do energy audit. In the industry the energy is one of the major expenses / raw material the mounting energy bill affects the overall profitability of the organisation.

By studying the total function requirement the working of machine its maintenance like

  • Space cooling / heating
  • Chiller designs
  • Food service equipments
  • Power quality enhancement
  • Motor selection
  • Building design
  • Electrical distribution
  • Operational problems - meeting etc.

These are some of the factors considered while carrying energy audit