Govt. Registered Valuer


Valuation is required by individuals / business owners / audit firms / chartered accounts / tax consultants in the following events.

  • Applying for loan
  • Arriving at the value of business for mergers and acquisition
  • For strategic planning of business
  • Disputing the regularity investigation / valuation
  • Planning for IPO / FPO
  • Breaking of partnership
  • Liquidation / filing for bankruptcy
  • As per various accounting standards like AS-28 and AS-19
  • As per IFRS requirement

Sapient is a completely independent network of valuers providing Plant, Machinery & Property Valuations, IT / Telecom Equipments throughout India. Our team of senior valuers are all certified and registered valuers with Central Board Direct Taxes (commissionerate of wealth tax) and also Fellow Members Institution of valuers India.

At Sapient we are proud to offer our clients independent valuation and property consultancy services / property appraisal or real estate appraisal. We are large enough to meet your needs, yet small enough to care

Sapient is able to ensure complete confidentiality to all clients and abide by a code of Professional practice, Ethics and Rules of Conduct. Valuations undertaken by us are regularly accepted by India’s major financial institutions / audit firms that is Ernst & Young, KPMG, PWC, Deloitte etc.

Sapient do not sell or act as sales agents. This ensures that we can provide a completely independent valuation and act in the best interests of the clients.

Sapient Services has done valuation of many steel plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, land and buildings, IT assets, telecom equipments, paper plants, food industry, construction equipment, mining equipments, and also done the valuation of life of equipments after carrying out thorough study of the equipment and prepared documents to support our study for various accounting / technical matters.

Sapient Services also take up assignment of impairment of assets required under Accounting Standard -28 of ICAI.

For doing any kind of valuation some of the following major factors are considered by Sapient Services valuers / appraisers:-

  • The nature and history of business
  • Economic outlook, the condition of specific industry
  • Technology being employed for manufacturing / process in the plant
  • The book value previous sales stock if any
  • History of dividend paid and capacity
  • Goodwill of company

And various others factors are considered for tangible / intangible assets valuation.

The most important factor of any valuation is the purpose for which the valuation of assets in question is required because the better it’s defined the better would be the valuation.

Sapient as Government Registered Valuer has done valuation for many public sector undertakings (PSU) and are also doing the valuation of unclaimed baggage / package being imported by various individuals / companies and remain with the custom authorities to help them on arriving at the minimum floor price before auction.

Value of property

The land and building valuation (valuation of property) normally required for loan / Mortgage purpose during this valuation the area / location / type of construction / year of construction / maintenance etc are considered.

In present scenario the land value is the major factor in arriving at the total value of property.