Legal Advisory & Consultancy


Legal Advisory & Consultancy

We are a leading multi-practice Law Firm in India serving an impressive portfolio of clients across a wide range of services and Industries, through Legal advisory, representation and litigation support.

Legal Services from a law consultancy providing legal advice on business and commercial law and drafting business Contracts and other legal documents.

We focus on Large and small and medium businesses offering solutions to their commercial legal issues. In today's litigious climate we aim to reduce your legal risk exposure wherever possible.

Practices Area

  • Company Law
  • Commercial Law &Commercial Contracts
  • Employment Law

IT Law

  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Banking & Finance
  • International Trade Agreements
  • Real Estate Development and Related Laws
  • Insurance Law and Related Services  
  • Law related to Sick Industrial Co’s Act (SICA Act ) and complete  Legal Services.

 We are committed to the mission of assisting clients  to optimize their business and economic interest in today’s increasingly global environment.

We invite  you to communicate directly with us in relation to your any type of legal query. Be assured that all querries and comments / advices would be held in strictest confidence.

Checkout our enquiry/feedback page if you wish to send us a legal question or comment. We will contact you with an appraisal of the legal problem and provide a no obligation quotation if appropriate for the required legal service.