Surveyor & loss assessor



Sapient provides prompt inspection services for inland as well as overseas consignments received damaged / short  or non-delivered.

Pre-dispatch insurance inspections are also provided by us for consignments meant for dispatch to inland as well as overseas destinations.


Sapient renders immediate surveys for fire, earthquake, flood and inundation etc. in a sympathatic and fair manner.


Promptness in carrying out  survey and suggesting the insured about  steps to be followed after a loss at the site of erection is the effectiveness of Sapient.


From own damage. total loss,  constructive total loss and  all types of surveys are carried out by our  engineers in a quick and efficient manner for both the insured as well as insurer.


We do surveys falling under Miscellaneous viz Householders Policy, Shopkeepers Policy, Burglary, Money in Transit etc.


Sapient works as investigator for stolen vehicle, Marine Cargo i.e. missing shipments / non-delivery of consignments, claims arising under Personal Accidents stock audit in india, stock audit services india, ndt inspection in india, risk management in India, third party inspection in india, pre inspection in india, pre inspection, risk inspection in delhi, surveyor & loss assessor, chartered engineers services in nee delhi, government registered valuers, government registered valuers in delhi, chartered engineers in india, delhi government registered valuers etc.